Melanin Capital


Proof of Work
Price to Energy Index

$65595 584 Ehs
$0.0013 17 Khs

Unlock Liquidity; Bridge the Gap Between On-Chain Digital Assets & DeFi

Melanin Capital leverages the innovative KomodoDEX Bridge to seamlessly integrate on-chain assets like Bitcoin and Whive, facilitating their smooth trading. This bridging of WHIVE & USDT amplifies liquidity within the energy markets. Additionally, Bitcoin & Whive are actively traded on platforms such as P2B, DexTrade, and SWFT exchanges.

PROVIDE Liquidity

Bridge your Proof-of-Work Digital Assets & Stablecoins on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Markets:

Key Features

  • Liquidity Solution:

Melanin Capital seamlessly bridges on-chain assets, such as Bitcoin & Whive, to be swappable on KomodoDex.

  • Dynamic Trading Pairs:

Engage in trading with multiple pairs, including WHIVE/ETH, BTC/USDT, and more.

  • Advanced Trade Settings:

Define your trade parameters, adjust Slippage Tolerance, & set transaction deadlines for optimal trading.

  • Easy Onboarding:

The user guide provides step-by-step instructions, from wallet setup to successful trade execution.

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